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Key Benefits

Robot-Manager Standard edition creates industry standard robots.txt exclusion files for your Web site, while the Professional edition focuses on analyzing your log files for search engine spider, robot, and crawler visits.

Standard Edition

No more wasting time creating robots.txt files by hand and wondering if you've formatted them properly. Robot-Manager Standard edition generates robots.txt files that provide control over visiting search engine spiders, robots, and crawlers. Here are some of the more prominent features in Robot-Manager.

  • Select which search engine spiders to work with.
  • Add your own search engine spiders not included.
  • Visually edit your robots.txt file
  • Uploads your robots.txt file to your web server.
  • Complements existing meta robot tags.

Robot-Manager standard edition screen shots and feature details...

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition of Robot-Manager analyzes your Web site log files for search engine spider, robot, and crawler visits. This information is extremely useful when promoting your Web site to any of the major search engines around the world. You'll know exactly when the spiders, robots, and crawlers visit, and what pages they are indexing. No more guessing when a new page is indexed. Your log file contains all this information.

  • Mines logfiles either locally, via FTP, or Telnet.
  • Allows browsing of your web server via FTP to find your log file.
  • Supports log files from Windows, Linux, and MAC web servers.
  • Learns about visiting spiders through access of the robots.txt file.
  • Manually add spiders, robots, and crawlers that don't request the robots.txt file.
  • Prints reports and exports spider visit data.

Robot-Manager professional edition screen shots and feature details...