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Key Benefits

There are many benefits to using Website-Manager for your Web site or your business. The easy-to-use interface makes learning quick and easy for anyone, and the time saving features allow you to do more in less time.

Unlimited Domains and Keywords

Website-Manager allows you to create an unlimited number of projects that are not restricted by any means. You can enter as many domain names and keywords into a project that you like. The new Categories feature allows you to organize those domain names and keywords into logic groups for ranking and reporting purposes.

Search Engine Friendly

We've gone the extra mile to make Website-Manager even more search engine friendly. No unnecessary queries are generated and all the information that is needed is extracted from each page when downloaded. To make search engine ranking even faster, we accept compressed content from the search engines, which can lead to a 10-to-1 savings in bandwidth usage.

Extensive International Support

Website-Manager is fully Unicode compliant, meaning you can now enter text in your native language and search your native search engines in that language. Website-Manager handles most of the world's alphabets, including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese and Korean.

Database-driven Projects

Projects are now database driven giving you even more flexibility with your project data than ever before. Standard SQL is used as the interface, and we even support creating your projects on a MySQL server. Website-Manager also has a built in Project Browser that allows you to query your project database using standard SQL syntax and export the generated data to a common CSV file format.

Built in Custom Report Creator

In the Professional edition, you can create your own custom reports. Not only can you filter report data, but you can actually create you own reports from scratch. Website-Manager comes with many stock reports that you can use as a template to creating your own reports. You can even translate the existing reports into your native language, or your client language. Furthermore, you can share your custom reports with your colleagues through the new import and export custom reports function.

Support for News Search Engines

Website-Manager can now search the News search engines like Google News and Yahoo News. If you publish your own press releases on your Web site, you can track those press releases in both editions. If you're publishing press releases through a 3rd-party news service, the Professional edition allows you to track those as well.

Advanced Scheduling Features

Are you running a SEO or SEM business, or just don't have the time to run rankings during the day? The Professional edition of Website-Manager comes with full scheduling capabilities. From one scheduling file you can schedule multiple project, run multiple rankings per project, save and email reports and exports, and send notification emails when projects complete. With scheduling, you could literally automate the whole reporting end or your business—saving you time and money and allow your business to grow by taking on more clients.

Standard Edition

Website-Manager standard edition screen shots and feature details...

Professional Edition

Website-Manager professional edition screen shots and feature details...